Providing Ultra Precision Lapping, Polishing and Finishing Services for the Technology Industry

Centerline Technologies provides ultra-precision services for grinding, lapping, polishing, diamond sawing and laser machining of metals, ceramic, sapphire and other materials — for the telecommunication, semiconductor, communication, test & measurement, micro-electronic, defense and security industries.

Services provided:


Centerline customizes the lapping process to meet our customer's specific needs. Centerline Technologies uses single sided polishing for standard applications and double sided processes for jobs requiring more stringent tolerances.


After establishing the appropriate abrasive and pre-lapping condition to reduce sub-surface damage, Centerline is able to provide both mechanical and CMP (chemical mechanical process) polishing techniques depending on the customer’s requirements.

Laser Machining

Centerline Technologies can laser drill, scribe, or cut a variety of substrates to meet customer specifications and size.

Diamond Sawing and Machining

Using computerized diamond saws and CNC controlled surface grinders Centerline Technologies is capable of scribing or dicing a variety of shaped parts up to .150” thick. Centerline can also finish parts with diamond-machined edges, bevels and chamfers.


Centerline provides back-lapping services utilizing the DFBL 200 Dragon Fire Back Lap production tool with vacuum hold down, as well as precision fixturing and temperature controls that safely enable thickness reduction of fully populated, 6” high-value, micro-electronic and micro-optic wafers to a total thickness variation of less than .001”.

Filled Via Planarity Process

Centerline Technologies can make filled vias co-planar with the surface of the substrate. Depending on the height of the via, Centerline will use a one or two step process in reducing the via height.